Licence Plate Winch Bracket

I had this in email format & wanted to put it up on my site in case anyone needed or wanted this info.

This is for anyone who wants to put the front licence plate on a winch.

Oh that is my new ARB Bull Bar below if your interested.

Parts used:

1 front licence plate

4 Mag Light Clips (D-Cell Size)

1 4 foot piece of 1/8inch steel (from Home Depot)

4 screws

4 nuts

4 lock washers


I cut that into 2 1 foot pieces & 1 2 foot piece (well I didnt cut that but it was left over). I attached the 4 mag light clips to the 1 foot pieces, then basically just attached the licence plate to the winch rollers. The end result is a removable licence plate bracket. Those wishing to keep legal plate action may want to check this out. If I didnt have a vanity plate I would probably not bother with anything up front but now I can go either way.

I have some pics below:

Front Licence Plate Winch Bracket

Plate Attached


Plate Removed


Bracket Attached (Side View)


Plate Close Up With Bracket Attached


Plate Close Up With Bracket Attached (2nd pic)