Mt. Besek is a trail that has been closed. The LIOR went in February 2001, it was also my first time there. Another first for this trip was snow wheeling. Overall, I had a good time, but I would prefer not to wheel in the snow. There is just not enough traction. Also the gears on my jeep make a lack of traction a bad thing. I seem to remember skiing down a few hills in the jeep.

Anyway, on to the pictures!

Here I come to a snowy hill. The rain made it so much more enjoyable (not)

This is a live action shot thanks to Mr Murphy.

Here we are in the same area, but this is a long distance shot.

Thanks to Mr Murphy again. He caught me using an umbrella in the woods, somehow it felt wrong (though I was dry so that is OK

A CJ Somewhat stuck on the hill. For some reason I passed him, but I did give him a tug with the towstrap & he was on his way again

A close up shot.

Bill is trying to get up this hill but having a rough time. He is now sporting a Tera Long Arm kit so I doubt this little obstacle will hold him up anymore.

Marc coming on up the hill.

Marc in a live action shot.