Here are some pictures of my "Stock" offroading days.

This during the 1999 Catskill Jeep Jamboree, This is me about to "kiss" my first tree. Luckily I was able to clear it.

This during the 1999 Catskill Jeep Jamboree, Just a picture of me happy as a clam.

Now here is the reason I started to modify my jeep in the first place. Before the Jeep Jamboree, I thought my jeep was pretty tall & tough looking. Then this guy (James) parked next to me. I wish i had a picture of the look on my face. (not a happy one).

To say the least, this got me very nervous.

Here is Joe & Rainier with our lovely RV we rented for the weekend during the Jeep Jam.

This is Rainier & I deep in the woods.

For some reason, this is as muddy as my Jeep became.

Yet another picture of me enjoying the weekend.

Steve, the infamous "Rockhopper. Keep in mind he still has his front license plate.

Here is the whole "Jeep Jam" group.

Well, unfortunatley for this guy, the CJ parked behind him poped out of gear while parked on top of a hill. The picture is the end result.

Here is one of the Jeep Jamboree group leaders. He is showing us what not to do.

That is probably about as many Stock pictures as you will see.