Generally at work, a few of us "Jeepers" on the TJ List tend to talk (via Email) about wheeling & different adventures. This talk tends to be called "KeyBoard Wheeling" (KBW for short).

Amazingly I was recently on one of these excursions to the famed Tellico trails. I would like to share some of the adventures I had on that trip.

I did have a slight rollover, but I only ended up on my side.

Tellico - KBW Style

The day starts early we get our jeeps together for the inital KBW meeting. This is a pic of my "stock" KBW rig.

Here is another shot of my rig for good measure.

Our first stop in Tellico was SlickrOX. Amazingly the TJ made it up without incident. I am always impressed on what a stock TJ can do when picking the right line.

Now it is the CJ's shot. He did make it up, but I didnt get a picture of it. After we got up the obstacle, we realized that we wanted to goto 'Slick Rock' not "SlickrOX" Oh well. It sure was fun.

Ahh now we found Slickrock. It sure is one slick rock for sure!!

I picked a bad line this time & ended up sliding on my side. Again, here is the reason that we Jeepers use the buddy system.

A little winch-work, thanks to the CJ & I was back on all fours without incident.

Here is a shot of my attempt at Guardrail. I didnt make it because the stocker didnt have a winch. All in all it was a fun day of KBW'ing.