Here are some pictures of the trip with the L.I. Off road club.

I had a nice time on the trip but did not take as many pictures of myself as usual.

Here is a part of the L.I. "gang". Nice bunch of people.

Here is Joe & Rainier at the start of the day.

This is a picture of Jill, my world famous Jeep chick.

This is another picture of Jill. We had just went seriously off camber. She isn't too happy as you can see.

Here is Joe's newly lifted 89 YJ. It has a 4" rubicon lift & 31" tires. Oh, I forgot to mention the 4.56 gears & front & rear detroit lockers. It is a really beast off road!

Joe Flexing the beast.

Here is Joe getting himself stuck.

Here is Joe getting himself "unstuck".

Here is the "beast" hanging on top of a mountain.

Heres Joe bouncing down a hill.

Rainier is enjoying a nice relaxing seat in Joe's Jeep.

Rainier & Joe driving up a Hill.

A nice pic of My Jeep & Joe's Jeep at the top of the mountain.

Jill & Rainier relaxing for a bit.

Another shot of Jill & Rainier.

On top of MT. Everest (well not really) Just a great place to have a mid day break.

Here's where we stopped for lunch. This is the full view.

Another shot of lunchtime.

Rainier at the top of the Mountain.

Rainier recovering off of Joe's off-camberness. He was also laughing at Joe when Joe almost fell over. (on foot)

Rainier hanging in Joe's Jeep. (again)

Rainier & I going up a "staircase".

Here I am alone casually driving along.

This is what I look like when you take a picture of me standing outside the Jeep in the woods. (thanks jill)

It's tough to find a parking spot in the woods sometimes but luckily I found one.

Another of the same shot.

Next time I will make sure that I get some more pictures of my own rig. Anyway I think you can figure that whatever Joe's jeep did, mine did the same.(Joe might not agree to that statment but I would).

This page is dedicated to my Jeep chick (Jilly)