Back to Paragon. The last time I was up here was in May of 2000. The trails are always changing due to vehicles & rain & other such stuff, so it was certainly similar, but different as well. Anyway, here are the "best of" pics for the run.

Paragon 6/01

Here is a shot of Jake & his TJ. Check out the OX!!

Here is a shot of the staging area at Paragon.

This is Ted & Erika (Lucy is there too)

Rainier is checking to see if the soft top is secure..... Yep, it's secure!

I am not sure what Ted is doing, but it looks like he is trying to hide.

Ted heading up Wompum

Here comes Marc with one of our youngest spotters at Paragon (What a great kid)

Here I come! Nice Flex!

Rich (me) heading up the rock at Wompum

Another Flex shot at Wompum.

Bob Blair comes roaring up Wompum

Bob (with tires spinning) gets the rock without any problems.

Here is Marc heading down a portion of Wompum that I cant seem to remember where it was. Oh well, old age sucks!

A little extra flex later on the hill. This is near a coper mine lake.

Still around upper Wompum, just messing around on a rock.

My attack on "the knife" is not going well. Ted is making sure I dont bust a driveshaft.

As you can guess, I didnt make it. I guess if I had given it more throttle & smashed the windshield a bit I could have had it. Minus a driveshaft or too (excuses excuses)

Bob's attempt up the "knife". Yeah yeah, he made it! (grumble)

Here is Paragons version of slickrock (actually not really).

This is a portion of M trail. Those are some big rocks.

A newer YJ tries to make a go of it.

The LIOR President himself - Doug & Bark