This trail is called "Stag Hill" I am not sure why & I am not sure what exactly a Stag would be. You could call this hill "Crapola Hill" which would seem to be closer to the truth. There is garbage & burned cars all over the place.

This trail is about 40 minutes from my house, so I tend to get over there quite a bit. It is a pretty nice place, aside from the garbage.

Stag Hill - NY

This particular run was held on 10/15/00. The attendants were all from the Long Island Off Road club, but it was not a club run.

I figured that the first photo should be a nice Rich "Glam Shot". Why not, its my site.

Here is the group for the day. The White YJ is Mark's, the Green TJ is Ted's, & well the Black TJ is mine.

The truth of the matter is that Ted found the "Glam Shot" location first, & here he is!

Here is mine again in a similar position to Ted "the trend setter"..

This is the Metcalf Flat Skid on Ted's Jeep.

Here I am in an interesting spot on a hill.

Mark on the same spot.

Let's not forget Ted.

Mark & I hanging at the bottom of the steep hill (watching Ted).

This is what we were looking at. Go Ted Go!

We saw all sorts of people, climbers (shown), Quad's, dirt bikes, mountain bikers, hikers, dog walkers.

Close up of the climber - they say 4 wheelers are nuts?!?

I was pretty off-camber in this spot. Felt a little wierd. Like the New Doors?

Same spot, different camera angle

Last Glam shot for the day, door shot part 2..

Slight Problem. Why is my rear tire 2 inches off the ground? Rear track bar is fine. Still 2 inches of bumpstop clearance. Hrmm...Must be the shocks. I will have to check that out. Bummer.

Here is Ted's "other woman". This is Lucy.

I took this shot not realizing it would be a before & after. I was looking at Ted's Skidplates. Notice the front drive shaft now.

Notice the front driveshaft later. - Ouch!