Here we have Day 1 of the TJ-List T2K1 trip to the Tellico Off Road Vehicle park (ORV). I think a great time was had by all.

These pictures are from Day 1 of the trail ride.

Ok, here is the big mess we drove 900 miles in. I dont know if it was safe, but it was sure noticeable.

Its a bird, its a plane, no its a whole bunch of Jeeps & bikes !

A view of the Smokey Mountains on the ride to NC.

Day 1 at the campsite. Fellow listers meeting each other (Mike, Ted, Greg, Joe, John, Tad)

Here is a shot of us about to eat dinner (same group as before)

Joe was a little tired & needed God to lift his spirit. Ok he passed out & we had some fun at his expense.

Check out Dave & Atlas at the local Mickey D's.

This is the group at McDonalds raring to go!

This is the gang airing down

Here is the group airing down (again).

Sheldons jeep leads the pack.

Gotta pay for your day at Tellico. Only 5 bucks a day! What a bargin!

Dave takes his run up to Lower 2 (the lower lower 2). Notice how he had no winch. He got up it without incident.

I think this is DC in his Jeep Nice MTR's!

Greg is showing Lower 2 whos boss!

Pre-Wopa - Jeep is running fine.

Don't ask what I got stuck in on my way to Lower 2. I think I got stuck on trail 1 on something. Phil had to come spot me.

Phil give John some pointers on how to beat the hell out of my jeep (only kidding)

Phil proves that as beefy as his bumpers are, his fenders need some help.

Phils Jeep, minus Phil

Where the heck is the trail?!?

Some steep rocks out here in NC.

More steep rocks.

Ok, I need some help here!

Holy crap! I hope I dont go over backwards!

These shots get steeper & steeper.

Here is a little winch action. Stay away from the cable!

Here are the "Conquerors" of lower 2 waiting for the rest of the group.

Phil hits the winch after loosing a ball joint & an axle shaft.

Ted & Kevin help spot me.

I think I can I think I can.

Rich makes it through Lower 2 in one piece (Proof!)

End of Lower 2 (Thank GOD!)

Candid Wopa Shot (Dont ask).



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