These are some pictures of my trip out to the "Pocono Trailfest"

I had a great time & even managed to break my Tie Rod on the trail!

These pictures are from Day 1 of the trail ride.

Flexing & bouncing on some rocks

This is the same spot but a nice "rearend" shot. (My TJ has a nice rear end :) )

Here's my TJ coming down a rocky hill.

A little flex action.

Some flex & stuffed up action.

A casual crawl toward the cameraman.

A slow crawl down a bumpy hill.

Watch out for that Tree!.

Two buddies in the woods taking a breather.

Yeck, is that TJ supposed to be black?

Here is an exciting (not really) animated gif of my jeep.

Another animated gif. This one is of "big boy". Yes he does manage to get out without rolling.

This is a natural spring. It looks more like a small river, but it happens to "magically" start up at this point.

For more exciting pictures of the Pocono Trailfest, be sure to check out page 2 & page 3.