These pictures are from Day 2 of the trail ride.

Day two happened to be a great for taking pictures, but not a good day for trail riding. Basically, every 20 minutes or so someone would breakdown & the ride would stop for about an hour or so. I had fun in spite of it.

A "glam" shot, of me flexing.

Another "glam" shot, of me flexing.

Wow, Take a look at those springs!

Theres nothing like a perfect picture of your jeep, ruined by someone sitting in it.

Looks like he is having some problems driving.

What is going on with Joe today?

Ahh, that explains it, for some reason Rich drove the wrong jeep down the hill.

This is such a "money" shot. This picture made the whole weekend worthwhile.

Look at the flex & the water. Ahhh its great!

1 more glam shot for the road.

Ahh, someone took my idea & made it his own.

We did get some dirty looks for "playing" in the water.

Rubicon Express, Yeah baby!

Joe decides to take the YJ for a swim. Little does he know, it can't swim.

The gross aftermath.

I seem to be missing some road underneath me.

Yet another pose shot. There were so many breakdowns during the day, I had lots of time to pose, as you can see.

Holy Cow! Theres some guy trying to carjack me in the middle of the woods.

A little steep hill crawl action!

Glam shot

Damm, that is one sweet TJ.

Joe a tad off camber.

Joe doing a little flexing.

Joe just loves to get that jeep in the water.

This really was fun to drive though. What you would expect to see a jeep doing.

Another water crossing.

Joe going "where no man (or jeep) has gone before"

Continue on to Page 3. It was a half day, but this was the most picture taking day yet.