These pictures are from Day 3 of the trail ride.

This was the last day a "half"day of trail riding. Fun but I ended up bending a tie rod. It has been replaced already so don't worry.

If this looks familar, its because this is where "Big Boy" almost rolled over.

Now its my turn. I tore it up nicely for the next person.

Ok, lets try not to hit the tree. As you can see my jeep is having a tough time due to the "tie rod incident". Nah, it did fine, we dont need no stinking Tie Rods!.

Time for another animated gif. This is the "Tie Rod Incident".

I had a good time, I broke some things, I learned to be used to being offcamber. It was a great trip. I will be going again next year.

This page is dedicated to my Jeep chick (Jilly)